Construction at Port Canaveral, New Cruise Terminal #1

Construction at Port Canaveral, New Cruise Terminal #1

A brand new state of the art 187,500-square-foot facility is being built at Port Canaveral and it will be able to accommodate the newest Mega-Ships. This will allow ships that have a 6,000+ passenger capacity to home-port here for years to come! The design is touted as being one that will allow for expansion if the need arises as it is expected to do so within a year or two of it's opening. The new terminal under construction at Port Canaveral is slated for completion by November, 2014.

Latest Information:

  • $50 million dollar price-tag
  • Huge economic impact for Cape Canaveral and Central Florida
  • Nearby dining and entertainment options
  • Until now, spending any time before or after a cruise at Port Canaveral was not an option.

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